SLP extends rental agreement and invests in energy-saving measures

SLP has extended a rental agreement with STILL Sverige AB regarding the property Malmö Stenåldern 6. STILL manufactures, among other things, forklifts and rack systems and is thus an important part of the logistics chain. The company has been operating in the Malmö property since 2013 and has now extended the rental agreement until 31 March 2032.

“We are very pleased that STILL has chosen to extend its lease. By extending rental agreements with existing tenants, we can build relationships and invest in the properties in a way that benefits both parties while increasing our rental agreement duration. In line with our ambition to increase the supply of our own renewable energy, together with STILL we will invest in a solar PV system on the roof of the property and install LED lighting that reduces electricity consumption,” says Peter Strand, CEO of SLP.

The property covers approximately 4,500 sqm and the entire space is leased to STILL Sverige AB. The solar panel has an estimated production of about 180,000 kWh per year, corresponding to about 65 per cent of the property’s electricity consumption. The surplus electricity that cannot be used in the property is sold to the grid.

For further information, please contact:
Peter Strand, CEO of SLP, telephone +46 705 881 661

About SLP – Swedish Logistic Property

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