SLP achieves the goal of 70 percent sustainable financing ahead of schedule

SLP’s work with continuous energy efficiency and environmental certification of properties in order to increase the net operating income and reduce the climate footprint has resulted in a continuous increase in the proportion of sustainable financing. At the beginning of 2023, when the proportion of sustainable financing amounted to around 40 percent, the goal was set that 70 percent of the financing should be sustainable by 2025. This goal, like several other set sustainability goals, has now been achieved ahead of schedule as the proportion of sustainable financing now amounts to 70 percent.

It is thanks to the fact that sustainability is integrated into our business model and by actively working to improve the sustainability performance of our property portfolio that we have already achieved our goal of 70 percent sustainable financing. It is positive for society, SLP, our shareholders and our tenants,” says Tommy Åstrand, CEO of SLP.

SLP’s financing consists solely of secured bank financing with Nordic banks. The sustainable banking agreements are based on parts of SLP’s property portfolio being environmentally certified according to certain standards or having low energy use. In addition to a lower climate footprint, the sustainable bank loans mean a lower financing cost of up to 10 basis points compared to traditional bank loans.

SLP’s sustainability framework is revised every two years, thus new objectives will be adopted from 2025.

For further information, please contact:
Tommy Åstrand, CEO of SLP, telephone: +46 705 455 997


About SLP – Swedish Logistic Property
Swedish Logistic Property – SLP – is a Swedish property company that acquires, develops, and manages logistic properties with sustainability in focus. Value growth is created through development of the properties which are located in Sweden’s most important logistic hubs. The property portfolio comprises a lettable area of approx. 980,000 sqm. SLP is a partner that takes responsibility and through this creates value for both tenants as well as for the company and its shareholders. SLP’s share of series B is listed at Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap. For further information about SLP: