Shareholders’ Meeting

2024 Annual General Meeting

The 2024 Annual General Meeting will be held in Malmö, Sweden, on 24 April 2024.

Shareholders wishing to raise a matter at the AGM are invited to submit a written request by email to: or by post to Swedish Logistic Property AB, Strömgatan 2, 212 25 Malmö, Sweden. The request must be received by no later than seven weeks before the AGM in order to be included in the Notice and Agenda of the Meeting.

Nomination Committee

The primary task of the Nomination Committee is to make proposals to the Chairman and the other members of the Board and, where applicable, to propose to the General Meeting theappointment of the auditor. When proposing the election of the Board of Directors, the Nomination Committee shall determine whether the proposed members are to be considered independent of SLP, its management and its major shareholders. Furthermore, the Nomination Committee shall propose the chairman of the General Meeting and shall propose the fees and other remuneration of the Chairman of the Board, the other members of the Board and the auditor.

At the Annual General Meeting on 8 March 2022, it was resolved to adopt an arrangement for the appointment of the Nomination Committee and instructions for its work to apply until such time as a resolution to amend it is adopted by the General Meeting. Accordingly, the Nomination Committee shall consist of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and three members appointed by the three largest shareholders in terms of voting rights at the end of the third quarter of each year. The three largest shareholders in terms of voting rights are hereinafter also referred to as shareholder groups if they (i) have been grouped in the Euroclear Sweden system or (ii) have made public and notified the company in writing that they have reached a written agreement to take a long-term common position on the management of SLP by exercising their voting rights in a coordinated manner.

In accordance with the decision, the following nomination committee has been formed:

  • Erik Selin (Chairman)
  • Johan Tollgerdt appointed by HME Investment AB
  • Fredrik Bogren appointed by Fridam Fastigheter AB
  • Jesper Mårtensson appointed by Skandrenting AB

Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to the nomination committee can submit a written request by email to: