Initial Offering

On 15 March 2022, Swedish Logistic Property AB (“SLP”) published its prospectus and price interval for the listing of the company’s Series B shares on Nasdaq Stockholm. The first day of trading was 23 March 2022.

The offering in brief:

  • The offer is directed to the general public in Sweden as well as institutional investors in Sweden and internationally.
  • The subscription period for the general public in Sweden and institutional investors in Sweden and internationally is expected to be 15 March to and including 22 March 2022.
  • The subscription price per series B share in the offering will be determined within the range SEK 25.50 to SEK 27.00, corresponding to a valuation of all outstanding shares of series A and B in SLP prior to the offering of SEK 3,900 million to SEK 4,129 million. The final subscription price will be announced in a press release before the trading on Nasdaq Stockholm is initiated, which is expected to be 23 March 2022.
  • The offering only includes newly issued series B shares in SLP and, depending on the final subscription price, will amount to a maximum of 27,777,778 to a maximum of 29,411,765 shares of series B and corresponds to an amount of maximum SEK 750 million including overallotment. Provided that the offering is fully subscribed and the over-allotment option is fully exercised, the offering entails, depending on the final subscription price, a dilution in the range from 15.4 to 16.1 percent of the total number of shares and from 6.9 to 7.3 percent of the total number of votes in SLP.
  • 15 percent of the total number of the series B shares encompassed by the offering enable overallotment (the “Overallotment Option”). The Overallotment Option will be able to be exercised by the Joint Global Coordinators in full or part during a period of 30 calendar days from the first day of trading in SLP’s shares on Nasdaq Stockholm.
  • A number of Swedish and international institutional investors (the “Cornerstone Investors”*) have, subject to certain customary conditions, undertaken to acquire series B shares in the offering to the final subscription price of a maximum of SEK 27.00 per share for an aggregate value of SEK 480 million, corresponding to approximately 64 percent of the offering, provided that the offering is fully subscribed and that the Overallotment Option is exercised in full.
  • The trading in SLP’s series B shares is expected to be around 23 March 2022. The share’ name (ticker) will be SLP B.
  • Complete information about the terms and conditions of the offering are set out in a prospectus published on 15 March 2022, available below. The subscription period for the offering was initiated at the same time as the prospectus was published.
  • On 4 March 2022, Nasdaq Stockholm’s listing committee has assessed that SLP fulfils Nasdaq Stockholm’s listing requirements, subject to that customary conditions, including the distribution requirement for SLP’s series B shares, are met no later than the first day of trading. SLP’s Board of Directors intends to complete the application for admission to trading of the company’s series B shares to trading on Nasdaq Stockholm.

* Funds managed and advised by Capital World Investors, Clearance Capital Limited, Coeli Asset Management AB, Danske Invest, Kapitalforeningen Investering & Tryghed, Lannebo Fonder AB, Länsförsäkringar Fondförvaltning AB, ODIN Forvaltning AS, PriorNilsson Fonder, SEB Investment Management AB and FE Fonder AB.

Press releases

Prospectus in Swedish