SLP revises financial risk limitations

SLP’s Board of Directors has evaluated the company’s strategy and can conclude that the company’s growth since the start in 2019, with 56 transactions of development logistics properties in southern Sweden, has been very successful. The company has exceeded its overarching goals without being near the financial risk limitations. The board has made the assessment that the overarching goals can be achieved going forward even if the risk level in two of the company’s three financial risk limitations is lowered.

Overarching goals

• To generate an average annual growth in net asset value (NAV) per share of at least 15 percent.

• To generate an average annual growth in profit from property management per share of at least 15 percent.

Revised Risk Limitations

• A long-term loan-to-value ratio of no more than 55 percent (previously 60 percent).

• An equity/assets ratio of at least 40 percent (previously 35 percent)

The third measure – an interest coverage ratio of at least 2.5 times – remains unchanged.

After a review of our overarching goals and risk limitations in connection with the year-end, we have made the assessment that we can achieve the overarching goals even with a reduced risk level. SLP is and will continue to be a growth company. With a long-proven business model, a good financial position and attractive development properties, we have all the conditions to continue our growth journey,” says Tommy Åstrand, CEO of SLP.

For further information, please contact:
Tommy Åstrand, CEO of SLP, telephone: +46 705 455 997


About SLP – Swedish Logistic Property
Swedish Logistic Property – SLP – is a Swedish property company that acquires, develops, and manages logistic properties with sustainability in focus. Value growth is created through development of the properties which are located in Sweden’s most important logistic hubs. The property portfolio comprises a lettable area of approx. 970,000 sqm. SLP is a partner that takes responsibility and through this creates value for both tenants as well as for the company and its shareholders. SLP’s share of series B is listed at Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap. For further information about SLP: