SLP certifies its first properties according to Miljöbyggnad iDrift

SLP has certified its first properties under the Sweden Green Building Council’s (“SGBC”) Miljöbyggnad iDrift (Environmental Building in Use) scheme. The certification is an important part of SLP’s efforts to create sustainable management of existing properties.

Today, SLP has obtained certification for Miljöbyggnad iDrift level Silver for two of the company’s properties in Malmö, Ventilen 5 and Segeholm 10. SLP’s head office is located in the Segeholm 10 property, which has been modernised with the installation of modern LED lighting and a new ventilation system. Ventilen 5 was extended in 2020 and the extension was equipped with modern LED lighting, among other things

“This is the first step towards achieving our goal of 50 percent certified lettable area by 2025. Going forward, we will scale up the work, which is part of reducing our operating costs while contributing to Sweden’s ability to meet its climate goals. Miljöbyggnad iDrift is an effective tool that creates environmental and climate benefits through measures and certification of buildings in operation,” says Viktoria Wöhl, Head of SLP’s environmental and sustainability work.

Developed by SGBC and launched in 2020, the Miljöbyggnad iDrift certification is based on the well-known Miljöbyggnad certification system, specifically targeting buildings that are in operation. The properties now being modernised have five tenants and a lettable area of approximately 17,000 sqm.

“Certification in Miljöbyggnad iDrift is a seal of quality and gives us as property owners the opportunity to more easily attract tenants, obtain lower financing costs and thus higher property values,” says Peter Strand, CEO of SLP.

For further information, please contact:
Viktoria Wöhl, Environmental and Sustainability Officer, telephone: +46 702 277 777

Peter Strand, CEO of SLP, telephone: +46 705 881 661

About SLP – Swedish Logistic Property

SLP – Swedish Logistic Property – is a Swedish real estate company with a focus on logistics properties. Since its inception, the company has maintained a high pace and in a short time has completed several high-profile acquisitions. SLP has a high ambition regarding sustainability and works responsibly from environmental perspectives. The company’s property portfolio comprises a lettable area of approximately 660,000 square meters. SLP’s share of series B is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. For further information: