Employees at SLP acquire warrants corresponding to 1.75 million shares

Within the incentive program authorized at the 2023 annual general meeting, all permanent employees at SLP have acquired warrants corresponding to a total of 1.75 million shares. This adds SEK 6.8 million to the company.

SLP’s management team, which consists of three people, has acquired warrants corresponding to approx. 850,000 shares. Other employees, nine people, have acquired warrants corresponding to approx. 900,000 shares. Each warrant entitles the holder to subscribe for one new share of series B in the company during the period from and including 1 May 2026 to and including 31 May 2026.

The company’s board of directors considers that a share-related incentive program is an important part of a competitive compensation package to attract and motivate the company’s employees, as well as to maximize value creation for all shareholders.

For further information, please contact:
Tommy Åstrand, CEO of SLP, phone no: +46 705 455 997

About SLP – Swedish Logistic Property
Swedish Logistic Property – SLP – is a Swedish property company that acquires, develops, and manages logistic properties with sustainability in focus. Value growth is created through development of the properties which are located in Sweden’s most important logistic hubs. The property portfolio comprises a lettable area of approx. 860,000 sqm. SLP is a partner that takes responsibility and through this creates value for both tenants as well as for the company and its shareholders. SLP’s share of series B is listed at Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap. For further information about SLP: slproperty.se